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Posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Home inventory is down 21% compared to last year but that doesn’t include REOs. FNMA is biggest REO owner, currently listing only about 35 to 50 % of their REOs at any given time. Banks list about 60% of theirs. They’re estimated to have 765,500 REOs now and expected to peak at 1.3 million late 2010

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Agreed.....alomst 50,000 forelcosures so far this year in states like Arizona and only 21 in Vermont!!!! Looks like it pays to pay cash (as opposed to financing every single solitary thinig you own to the max including your home)

Tom Alexander, VT 5/18/2009

I was amazing to read the highest and lowest state foreclosure stats: Nevada, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois and Michigan are the now infamous top states. But North Dakota, West Virginia, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Vermont are the lowest - kudos to old fashioned financial decisions making!

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