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Posted on Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Below are links to the most recent and relevant research from NAR’s economists and other experts about the social and economic benefits of home ownership.
10/20/2010 - Home Ownership and Parenting
Owning a home and financial stability may create unique opportunities for parents to engage with their children.
10/19/2010 - The Long-Term Value of Home Ownership in the U.S.
This white paper takes a historical look at the social and economic effects of home ownership over the past 50 years.
10/07/2010 – Home Ownership and Taxes: The Home Owner/Home Buyer Perspective
See how the life cycle of home ownership (illustrated below) affects a person’s tax benefits over time and how such benefits are especially valuable to new buyers.

10/06/2010 - NAR's 2010 Housing Opportunity Pulse Survey
Eight out of 10 Americans say owning a home still makes sense; and 63% of renters call buying a home a high or moderate priority.
10/06/2010 – Home Ownership and Social Capital
Studies show homeowners have more extensive social networks—people to rely on for emotional and material support—than renters.
09/28/2010 – Home Ownership and Civic Engagement
Home owners spend more time volunteering and raising money to support their neighborhoods, research shows.
9/28/2010 - Government Support of Home Ownership in Other Countries (PDF: 421 KB)
Critics have suggested that other countries don't subsidize home ownership, so why should the U.S.? In many cases, though, that's just not true.
08/12/2010 – Report: The Social Benefits of Home Ownership and Stable Housing
NAR’s exclusive research offers a link between home ownership and educational performance, civic participation, health care, crime rates, and more.

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