Choosing and Attorney or Modification Company

Tips for Keeping Legal Fees Down

Posted on Saturday, April 25, 2009

1. Be upfront and honest with your attorney.

2. Bring copies of all relevant documents with you to your meetings. Whenever possible summarize them so you dont have to pay the lawyer for a lot of time to review everything. Organizing them in a binder with a concise index is advisable.

3. Focus on business and be straight to the point. Don't get emotional or ramble on. If you ask up front what the legal elements you will have to prove to prevail on your claim are and then focus on only speaking about those elements you will eliminate as lot of wasted time (for which you may be paying your attorney to listen!) and emotional rambling. If you need to "vent" go speak to a shrink - its way less expensive and more effective. Not only will venting with your lawyer rack up big legal bills, but it will impact your credibility with your lawyer and may cause him or her to lose patience.

4. Write your questions down in advance and keep them brief. Don't call everytime you "think of something else." Save up your thoughts and delvier them all in one call. Calling often will drive up your bill and may annoy the lawyer and his staff.

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