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Single Female Buyers - NAR Survey

Posted on Sunday, April 25, 2010

A recent NAR survey tells us some fun things about single female home buyers;

In 1995 they were 14% of the buyers. Now they are 21%, the second largest share of adult home buyers.

They are 25% of all first time buyers and 17% of repeat buyers.

Median home buyer age is 39 but for single female buyers its 41.

Median income is $47,900 for single females but $73,100 average, probably because it includes 68% couples. $53,700 for single men.

22% of single women buyers have kids living at home compared to 38% of all others.

Most purchased a SF. 25% buy in urban areas. They’re also more likely to buy an existing home as opposed to a new home. 15$ buy new compared to 18% of the population. And they tend to buy smaller, 1480 SF compared to 1800. They expect to live there on average 10 years. Over a third buy for the desire to own – nearly half.

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