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A word about modification companies

Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some of these are good guys doing a good job. But others are not. The problem of course is you dont always know whos good or who is not until after you've hired them. Some thoughts:

1. Before you hire someone to help you get your mod, ask yourself why it is you feel you can't do it yourself? And ask yourself how will you know if he did a good job (ie did better than you could have done yourself) if you haven't tried first? Honestly if you want to know you're getting the best possible deal from a guy who chrages tohelp you get a mod dont you at least need to call your lender yourself frist and findout what the options are right out of the gate? An "expert" should certainly be able to get yuo better than the banks first offer.

2. Even if you pay someone to help you get a mod, its up to YOU to keep on thop of him. Remember if he doesnt do his job, its your home at risk, not his.

3. I'd suggest tryign to get the mod yourself and then hiring a lawyer or a mod company you can get some really good references from to review the paper work the bank provides and try to negotiate an even better deal for you.

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