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HAMP Enhancements

Posted on Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March 25. 2010 HAMP Enhancements. Also FHA HAMP announcements (and Bank of America new principal write down program on 45k countrywide loans).

3 to 6 month help for unemployed.

2 year plan to help with negative equity (11 million u/w. 7 million behind on loans).

Raised relocation help from $1500 to $3000.

Requires servicers to reach out to borrowers.

Help in BK.

Write down principal 1st and 3 years if over 115% LTV. Keep 31% ratio. (FHA refinance is one write down to 97.75% LTV but allows 11% LTV with second).

Increases payment to investors, Extinguishes juniors.

Does not allow foreclosure sale during process.

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