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MHA 2MP...right from the horse's mouth

Posted on Thursday, April 1, 2010

2nd Lien Modification Program (2MP)
Many homeowners may be struggling to make their monthly mortgage payments because they have a second lien. Even when a first mortgage payment is affordable, the addition of a second lien can sometimes increase monthly payments beyond affordable levels. Second liens often complicate or prevent modification or refinancing of a first mortgage.

The 2nd Lien Modification Program (2MP) offers homeowners a way to lower payments on their second mortgage. 2MP offers homeowners, their mortgage servicers, and investors an incentive for modifying a second lien. Servicers and investors may also receive an incentive for extinguishing a second lien, forgiving all of the debt a homeowner owes.

Homeowners must provide consent to share their first lien mortgage modification information with their second lien mortgage servicer, if they are different. Since 2MP is meant to be complementary to the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), a homeowner must have their first lien modified through HAMP before the second lien can be modified under 2MP.

Under 2MP, with their investor’s guidance, a mortgage servicer may:

Reduce the interest rate to 1% for second liens that pay both principal and interest (amortizing)
Reduce the interest rate to 1% amortizing or 2% interest-only for interest-only second liens
Extend the term of the second lien to 40 years
If the principal was deferred (through forbearance) or forgiven on the first lien, a servicer must forbear the same proportion on the second lien; although a servicer may, in its discretion, forgive any portion or all of the second lien and receive incentives for doing so
A second lien is eligible for 2MP if:

the corresponding first lien has been modified under the Obama Administration’s Home Affordable Modification Program and the second lien servicer is participating
it was originated on or before January 1, 2009
it does not have an unpaid principal balance (at consideration for the modification) of less than $5,000 or a pre-modification scheduled monthly payment of less than $100
it has not yet been modified under 2MP
it is not subordinate to a second lien or is not a home equity loan in first lien position;
it is not a second lien on which no interest is charged and no payments are due until the first lien is paid in full
the second lien servicer is in possession of a fully executed 2MP modification agreement or trial period plan by December 31, 2012; or the second lien is not insured, guaranteed, or held by a Federal government agency (e.g. FHA, HUD, VA, and Rural Development)
List of Participating Servicers
Bank of America (including Countrywide)
Citi Mortgage, Inc.
Chase (including EMC and WaMu)
Wells Fargo (including Wachovia)

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