Palm Beach County, Florida

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2011

TIMELINE for Mediation Program
Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program
15th Judicial Circuit of Florida, Palm Beach County
Suit is filed:
- Form “A” must be completed and filed with the Complaint in all residential mortgage
- The “Notice to Borrower” is served on the Defendant/Borrower with the Summons
- Within one day of the suit filing, Plaintiff will
o Pay the $400 program fee to the Palm Beach County Bar Association;
o Submit the Form “A” electronically onto the RMFM IT platform, along with
the borrower’s contact information
30 days from filing of Form “A”:
- Program Manager contacts the Borrower within 30 days of receiving Borrower’s
contact information.
- If the Borrower decides to participate in the RMFM Program, then the Borrower
proceeds to foreclosure counseling.
- If the Borrower declines to participate in the RMFM Program, then the Program
Manager files a Notice of Borrower’s Non-Participation and refunds the part of the
fee attributable to foreclosure counseling to Plaintiff.
30 to 60 days from filing of Form “A”:
- Borrower must meet with the foreclosure counselor within 30 days of contact by the
Program Manager.
- Borrower must transmit Borrower’s Financial Disclosure for Mediation (Exhibit 5) to
the Program Manager and Plaintiff’s counsel within 60 days after the Program
Manager receives Form “A”.
60 to 120 days after suit is filed:
- Program Manager schedules mediation no earlier than 60 days and no later than 120
days after suit is filed. Mediation must be scheduled no later than 30 days after
Borrower’s Financial Disclosure for Mediation is sent to Plaintiff’s counsel.
- Plaintiff pays the mediation fees ($350) to the Program Manager within 10 days after
notice of the mediation conference is filed
30 days before mediation to mediation:
- Borrower may request Plaintiff’s Disclosure for Mediation through the Program
Manager (Exhibit 6) no later than 25 days before mediation
o Plaintiff’s disclosures must be electronically transmitted to the Program
Manager no later than 10 business days prior to mediation.
o Program Manager must promptly send the Disclosures to Borrower.

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