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Servicing Notice: Termination of Relationship with the Ben-Ezra & Katz Law Firm

Posted on Monday, February 14, 2011

Fannie Mae has issued the following Notice (the entire text of the Notice is included in this e-mail):
This Notice affects existing and future mediation, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and litigation referrals of mortgage loans in the State of Florida. Fannie Mae has terminated its relationship with Ben-Ezra & Katz, P.A. (the "Ben-Ezra Firm"). Servicers may not refer any future Fannie Mae matters to the Ben-Ezra Firm.
Servicers that have existing Fannie Mae matters at the Ben-Ezra Firm must take immediate action to transfer those matters to other firms in the Fannie Mae Retained Attorney Network in Florida. The list, which is posted on, may be updated with additional firms from time to time.
By February 15, 2011, servicers must:
(1) determine the Fannie Mae foreclosure matters currently at the Ben-Ezra Firm where first legal action has not been taken and make a new referral of those matters to another law firm(s) in the Fannie Mae Retained Attorney Network in Florida;
(2) notify Fannie Mae via of the destination for these new referrals (the notice must include the Fannie Mae loan numbers, which will insure the transfer of any original documents at the Ben-Ezra Firm to the new firms);
(3) determine transfer locations for all other Fannie Mae matters currently at the Ben-Ezra Firm;
(4) notify the new firm(s) that they will receive these transfer matters; and
(5) notify Fannie Mae via of the destination for these transfer matters.
The new law firm(s) should be instructed to work with Fannie Mae and the Ben-Ezra Firm to execute an orderly transfer of the collateral files and any additional information needed to conduct the matters being transferred. Servicers must work with the new law firm(s) to ensure that all mediation, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and litigation matters that require immediate intervention and action on the part of the law firm(s) over the next thirty calendar days be the first priority for file set-up and review at the new firm(s).
With respect to invoices, servicers are instructed to immediately suspend payment to the Ben-Ezra Firm on all outstanding or new invoices relating to Fannie Mae cases and await further guidance from Fannie Mae on the payment of those invoices.
Servicers are reminded of their responsibility to monitor and manage the attorney's performance with respect to the matters transferred from the Ben-Ezra Firm.

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