In-house salary range breakdown, where is the money for GCs

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2011

Any in-house lawyers looking for a job in the New Year might be interested in finding out which U.S. regions offer the best-paying prospects.
For them, we're trotting out yet another set of numbers from ALM's "Law Department Compensation Benchmarking Survey, 2010 Edition."
This time, we'll take a look at how median total cash compensation for in-house management positions stacks up by region. Starting with the top job, chief legal officers saw the biggest bucks in the West South Central region, where the median total cash compensation was $685,100 last year.
That region is comprised of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. And, that number was far and away the highest, as the runner-up — the Middle Atlantic region — came in at $487,300. That area includes New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. (For a national look at GC pay don't forget to peek at Corporate Counsel's 2010 GC Compensation Survey.)
Go one rung lower on the job ladder and it's actually the Middle Atlantic making the most noise, as that region offered deputy chief legal officers $498,600 in median total cash compensation. Coming up right behind that number for deputy CLOs was the Pacific region — including California, Oregon and Washington — at $405,600.
Division general counsel positions were also the most lucrative in the Middle Atlantic, with a median number of $320,700, while the West South Central finished second at $304,400.
And, finally, managing attorneys continued the winning streak for the Middle Atlantic, as they too earned the most dough in that region. The median total cash compensation for managing attorneys in those states was $266,900, which came in just ahead of the East North Central region. That region — which includes Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio — offered a median of $261,800.
Thomas Huddleston Jr., DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW

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