Saving, Investing and Making Ends Meet


Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2011

An eBay/Nielsen study found an average US household has 52 unused items lying around worth $3100. Typically clothes, toys, electronics and sporting goods. Think consignment store, garage sale or e-bay or an e-bay trading store (Plato’s Closet is another great spot for teen-agers and young adults – not only will they buy old clothes, it’s also a great place to pick up a few new things at much less than what you would normally pay).
Take a look around your own home at the dollars you literally have sitting in unused or unneeded things. Why not put this money to work helping you make ends meet instead? One woman who wrote in told me she put post its on everything with the dollars she’d spent (I was dying to ask how she got the post it to stick to the family cat)! Once you form the habit of seeing the things around you in terms of the dollars you can have in your bank account instead, you’ll find you actually buy less in the first place.

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