Saving, Investing and Making Ends Meet

Think "Substitute" not "Sacrifice"

Posted on Saturday, January 22, 2011

Entertainment; The average American is spending about 15% of their income on food, almost half of that in restaurants! Choose restaurants you have coupons for or where the meals are big enough to make a second meal at home from left overs. Take your kids to the library instead of book store. Try a few lectures or less costly pay-per-view at home with friends instead of the movie theatre and $10 sodas. Going to a local high school show may not be a glamerous, but if can be just as much fun as higher priced commercial performances, Stay away from shopping as a recreational activity, try parks and many museums instead…many are free!
Groceries; buy store brands instead of name brands.
Suggestion: Set up a drawer or folder to collect ideas as you see them so when you’re in the midst of planning a Saturday evening with friends or you kid asks to go to the mall, you’ve got less costly alternative at your finger tips.

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