Florida Mandatory Mediation Process

Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Administrative Order No. 09-08 established mandatory Homestead mediation in Miami Dade (11th Circuit), referred to as the CHAMP program.

In summary the Order provides for appointment of a Mediator as follows;

(1) Within 10 days of the order of referral, the parties may agree upon a Stipulation with the court designating:
(A) a certified mediator; or
(B) a mediator, other than a senior judge, who is not certified as a mediator but who, in the opinion of the parties and upon review by the presiding judge, is otherwise qualified by training or experience to mediate all or some of the issues in the particular case.

Pursuant to Administrative Order, the following language for a Stipulation should be
invoked in writing within five (5) days of service of the foreclosre complaint on the main

(Insert Style of Case and Case Number Here)


Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.720(f) that a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil Circuit Mediator, affiliated
with SHARI OLEFSON, PA, with additional training
and/or experience in foreclosure mediations, has been stipulated to by the undersigned counsel for and/or the respective parties hereto for Mediation.

(Signature lines for Counsel of record
and/or pro-se parties)

Original: Clerk Circuit Court

Copies: furnished on ____/____/_____ to:

Counsel of Record and/or
Pro Se Defendant(s) of Record

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