The FDIC Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Posted on Tuesday, January 5, 2010

As of today the FDIC has over a negative $8.2 billion balance sheet. Over 140 banks have been taken over, leaving the agency with around $30 billion is real estate debt it would like to sell, double the amount last year. Many banks, particularly smaller ones have still not written down their loans to current market rates, and more of their loans a defaulting, meaning we can expect more bank failures.

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american patriot 1/13/2010

Does that mean my money is not safe in the bank? I always truster the FDIC and the banks, along with our federal goverment. If we can't trust them, who can we trust? Well, I'm sure everything will be O.K. our goverment is working hard to protect us and make sure we have work, and our savings in the banks are secure, not to mention they will be taking care of us real good when we retire, what with socialsercurity and medicade and medicare, plus I see Obama is going to take our 401 k's and IRA's and invest them for us in treasuries so we start getting a better return than we did in the stock market. We are in good hands, don't worry.Everything will be just fine!

cheese head. 1/13/2010

By running up budgets like this, they are going to be creating jobs, so knock it off. Someone will have to invent calculators the can add trillion and quad drillions, plus, think of all the teaching jobs, we can all go back to school and expand our education, I was never taught billions and trillion, let alone quad drillions. at 48 years old I'm looking forward to furthering my education. The teacher in the 60's and 70's really let me down by not teaching these numbers, they are paid by the goverment and they surely must have known that we would need to know these numbers before are lives were up. What comes after a quad drillion anyway? I hope they are teaching the new math to our children?

old Joe AR 1/13/2010

What do these numbers matter? In a normal, honest world, this would be a major economic event, but in Our corrupt, distorted world,whats a little number like 8.2 BILLION? Nothing will ever come of it, for our goverment is not responsible for and budgets in the first place.

average Joe 1/13/2010
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