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Delinquencies Rise into 2010

Posted on Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Delinquencies Will Mount in 2010; already the number of loans defaulting a more than double the number of foreclosures being started, And a third of foreclosure case are still at the presale stage a year later. What does this mean? There’s a ton of housing inventory coming down the pike in 2010. For every loan being worked out, three more are failing, almost 10% in the US.

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Answer these questions about President Obama and then you may understand why this is happening to our country. Have all school records including Occidental, Columbia and Harvard been sealed? Has the President refused complete access to his medical records? Has the President refused to release a legitimate copy of his long form Birth Certificate? Has the President released his passport information, including how he was able to travel to Pakistan when it was off limits to Americans? Has the President released a legitimate copy of his Selective Service forms? Has the President explained his use of the name Barry Soetoro and his failure to list this name on his attorney filing forms? What name did the President register under for school in Indonesia, Occidental? Columbia? Harvard? Was the president adopted by Lolo Soetoro and did that affect his current citizenship status? Did the President receive foreign student aide? Why was the president roomed with a foreign Pakistani student in college? What is the Constitutional Requirement to be President of the United States? Was President Obama a duel citizen at birth, Kenyan or British? What are the criteria for being a Natural Born Citizen? What are the criteria for being a Native Born Citizen? Did President Obama’s mother lose her American citizenship when she married and moved to Indonesia and then worked later in Pakistan and China? If so, was her citizenship reinstated when she returned to the US? If President Obama was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, did he become an Indonesian citizen and if so, would that relinquish his Natural born status even if he came back to the states and reclaimed his citizenship? Isn’t it a simple truth that he, who has nothing to hide, hides nothing? These questions will only lead an honest searcher to more questions

american patriot 1/13/2010
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