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Florida attorney general investigating companies that serve foreclosure papers

Posted on Thursday, December 23, 2010

The first step in foreclosure process is that the homeowner is supposed to informed that the foreclosure is beginning.

But as millions of Americans face foreclosure, even the process of alerting the homeowner with the serving of a summons has been filled with errors. The Times-Union wrote about some of those problems in October. You can read that story here.

Now the Miami Herald has disclosed that the Florida attorney general is investigating two of the larger companies whose job it is to deliver those papers. The Herald reported that investigation began earlier this month of Gissen & Zawyer Process Service of Miami and ProVest of Tampa.

ProVest is one of the nation's largest process servers. It was also the company involved in several of the cases that the Times-Union wrote about in October. A judge threw out one foreclosure case when he determined that the summons was allegedly served before the case was even filed.

The T-U also found three ProVest documents signed with the same name but with clearly different signatures.

In one of the complaints in the Herald story, ProVest allegedly served papers to homeowners at their Florida home but they were in Colorado at the time.

By Roger Bull Jacksonville Buisness

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