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Wells Fargo sent out word to its broker clients ...

Posted on Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wells Fargo sent out word to its broker clients that, per the existing schedule,
> on April fool's Day 2011 the new comp rules go into place. Wells expects to put
> out its plan in February, but reminds us "The rules prohibit a loan originator
> from: Receiving compensation based on the interest rate or loan terms other than
> loan amount, increasing their compensation by raising the consumers' loan costs
> - for example by increasing the interest rate, or directing or "steering" a consumer
> to accept a mortgage loan not in the consumer's best interest in order to increase
> the compensation. The rules allow a loan originator to: Receive payment from the
> consumer or the lender, but not both. Receive compensation based on a percentage
> of the loan amount and volume. Broker compensation can be paid as a percentage of
> principal loan with minimum and maximum dollar thresholds. Broker Loan Officer (LO)
> compensation can vary by LO provided that the compensation model is the same for
> every transaction originated by that LO. Broker compensation can vary based on
> geography to allow for differences in the costs of loan origination, such as rent
> and other overhead expenses. Compensation models can change due to market conditions.
> The prohibition of paying compensation to loan originator based on loan terms and
> conditions does not apply to payments that the customer makes directly to a loan
> originator."

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