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How can I be better prepared for the next market downturn?

Posted on Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Market volatility is a natural part of investing, but a downward swing can be difficult to get through. Make sure you've taken steps to prepare your savings and investment portfolio, so it's ready for unpredictable market conditions.
First: Find out how the market impacts your long-term plans
• Business Owners: Market conditions can have a great impact on your business value and savings. If you're planning to sell your business to fund retirement, you might be wondering how you're going to fill the financial gap.

Even if you're not planning to sell, you may still wonder how to rebuild after a decrease in your savings. Find out how a non-qualified plan for executives might be a great solution for you.
• Personal Planning: A market downturn can do scary things to our portfolios if we aren't prepared. Address some of these concerns by diversifying your portfolio (don't worry - I can help). While diversification is important, this strategy of diversification alone is not a guarantee of success and can't protect against loss in periods of overall market decline.

Find out if the latest market conditions have left you with a gap. Then, watch this featured video from America Rebuilds of a divorced mother working to fill the gap in her retirement savings.
Next: Make adjustments if necessary
I can help you. Together, we'll look at your investments, goals, and timeline to create a tailored plan to help ensure your strategies are uniquely designed to address your personal long-term goals and needs.
Bruce Fletcher

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