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So what is a foreclosure nation? Real Estate: Bookshelf The Business Review (Albany)

Posted on Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009
Real Estate: Bookshelf The Business Review (Albany) - by Review by Philip Schwartz

In her new book with that title, Shari B. Olefson writes that it’s a nation “replete with illiquid, distrustful, often insolvent lenders; distressed companies, industry leaders who stand accused of wrongdoing at the expense of an entire country; and innocent (and not so innocent) citizens who are losing their homes.”

It’s a bleak assessment for bleak times.

And Olefson should know. She is a Florida-based real estate attorney, which puts her at the epicenter of the foreclosure crisis. That expertise shows in this lengthy, well-researched book, which includes some 300 pages of narrative, followed by some 200 pages of glossary, appendix, worksheets and sample legal documents.

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