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What A Call To Action!

Posted on Saturday, June 20, 2009

This is THE most comprehensive, easy to read book on a topic I knew very little about ever. I was looking for a quck way to get up to speed on this whole crises and especially the parts that will affect my home value. Anyone with similar concerns needs to read this book. It explains all of the comlicated things you hear about on the news (like mortgage backed securities???) in a way my 12 year old would understand and shows what that has to do with your home mortgage. On top of that Olefson poses some ideas and questions that really get you thinking about what direction we want our country to be going in. This is the only book you'll ever have to read on the subject. And reading it puts you way ahead of anyone who hasn't in terms of knowing what to expect during the next few years and planning accordingly. I HIGHLY recommend it.

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