Mary Geiser from Boca Raton, FL 

Posted on Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I put an offer on a house last July for more than what they owed JP Morgan Chase it then went to a negotiator in Sept. But no one contacted me, it was put in as a short sale because of the commission. They asked for more documents, then went to foreclosure, I had that stopped, then they wanted even more money. So it went to foreclosure June 21st and Fannie Mae bought it, I got an accepted offer from Fannie, and I have been ready to close, Marshall Watson has not gotten the title transfered, so now I can do nothing!!! This was not really a foreclosure forcing anyone out of the property. So what can I do now?

Shari's Response

Mary - I hear this story frequently - homes foreclosed mid negotiations and the like. There are so many reasons for it, none of which should really be, but all of which are somewhat understandable given the circumstances. Marshall's a nice guy, but his office - like the other mills - is out of control. And service and attention to details is not their strong suit at the moment. The best thing you can do is try to establish a relationship with someone there and then keep calling. Rules like "its all who you know" and "the squeekiest wheel" are really truisms here. If it doesnt work out you can file a complaint, but most folks dont want to take the time. And you can always hire a lawyer, realtor or other professional to try to get through and keep on top of them, but understandably most folks dont want to invest the cash doing that.

All my best.